Broken link checker

Broken link checker

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  • Our Broken Link Checker is a tool is developed to scan your website for broken or inactive hyperlinks. It detects links that no longer work, such as those leading to missing pages or unavailable content, and provides you with a report so you can take action to rectify the issues.

    Why Broken Link Checking Matters

    1. User Experience: Broken links disrupt the user experience, leading to frustration and potentially driving visitors away from your site.

    2. SEO Optimization: Search engines, like Google, consider broken links as a negative factor in their ranking algorithms. Fixing them can improve your SEO.

    3. Website Reputation: A site with numerous broken links can diminish its credibility and reputation, which can have a negative impact on your brand.

    How to Use a Broken Link Checker

    Here are the steps to effectively use a Broken Link Checker:

    1. Input Your Website URL: Enter the URL of your website or the specific page you want to check for broken links.

    2. Initiate the Check: Start the scanning process. The tool will crawl your URL, examining all links and identifying any that are broken.

    3. Review the Results: Carefully review the report generated by our tool, which will list the broken links. Take note of the pages and URLs where these links are found.

    4. Fix Broken Links: Visit the pages containing broken links and either update the links to point to the correct URLs or remove the broken links.

    5. Recheck: After making corrections, use the Broken Link Checker again to verify that all issues have been resolved.

    6. You can check 1 URL at a time. However, you can actually check all your main landing pages, one by one.

    Benefits of Using a Broken Link Checker

    1. Improved User Experience: Ensuring that all links on your website work enhances the experience for your visitors.

    2. SEO Enhancement: Fixing broken links can positively impact your website’s search engine rankings.

    3. Maintained Reputation: A website free from broken links maintains its credibility and reputation.